Constitution Of The Pakistan Society Of Food Scientists And Technologists

The Pakistan Society of Food Scientists and Technologists Has Its Rules and Regualtions, which are define as:

    The name of the society shall be "The Pakistan Society of Food Scientists and Technologists".
    The Head Office of the Society shall be located in the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
    The Pakistan Society of Food Scientists and Technologists is a non-profit organization. The objectives include:
    a. to promote the cause of food science and technology;
    b. to improve the professional competence of food scientists and technologists;
    c. to provide professional communication through technical publications and scientific meetings; and d. to encourage education and training at all levels in various fields of food science and technology.
    • Section 1: Classes of Members
      The Society shall have six classes of members:
      a. Professional member
      b. Honorary member
      c. Associate member
      d. Corporate member
      e. Member emeritus
      f. Student member
    • Section 2: Professional Member
      a. A person holding a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in food science or technology and actively engaged in food processing for a period of at least 2 years, or
      b. A person holding a Master's degree or Doctor's degree in the field of food science or technology, or
      c. A person who holds a Bachelor's degree in science and has had a minimum of 5 years experience in food processing industry and holds a responsible position therein, or
    • Section 3. Associate Member
      a. A person who holds a diploma in food science and technology or is engaged in food processing but not classified as professional member.
      b. A person who in the opinion of the Committee on Qualifications, can be accepted as an associate member by virtue of experience, specialized training, or contribution in the field of food science and technology.
    • Section 4: Student Member
      A person in full time attendance in courses directed towards a career in food science and technology.
    • Section 5: Member Emeritus
      This will be an honorary title bestowed upon a professional member who has retired from his vocation, and who, in the course of his career, has contributed services to the food technology discipline and/or the Society.
    • Section 6: Honorary Member
      Any person whose achievements in the promotion of food science and technology entitle him to special recognition.
    • Section 7: Corporate Member
      Corporate member shall be a corporation or firm engaged in the manufacture, distribution or sale of foods, their products or supplies (ingredients, chemicals, etc.) and machinery used by the food industries.
    • Section 8: Application
      An application for membership must be made on the official application form and sent to the Secretary.
    • Section 9: Fees
      Members shall pay such yearly fees as may be determined by the Council and approved by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Emeritus and Honorary members shall be exempted.
    • Section 10: Withdrawal of Membership
      Any member may withdraw his/her membership by delivering a written resignation to the Secretary of the Society.
    • Section 11: Suspension of Membership
      For some cause any member may be suspended by a vote of the Executive Council. The officers of the Society may readmit any former member.

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