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Vol-26 : Issue-3 ( 2016 )

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Evaluation of nutraceutical properties of Jamun squash Probioticated using kefir seeds.

Anita Sundararajan, Gomathi Thangavel, Aravindh Mani, and Kalpana Balakrishnan

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Factors affecting on mortality rate in the broiler chicken production farms in Erbil, Iraq.

Cuma Akbay and Jwamer Abdulwahab Azeez

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Current and emerging biomarkers in breast cancer and influence of diet on their activities.

Fasiha Ahsan, Mian Kamran Sharif, Masood Sadiq Butt and Muhammad Tariq

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Artificial sweeteners and their health effects.

Alim-un-Nisa, Naseem Zahra, Sajila Hina, Imran Kalim, Muhammad Khalid Saeed and Anum Safdar

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Moisture desorption isotherms characteristics of cocoa beans

Blaise K. Koua, Paul Magloire E. Koffi and Prosper Gbaha, T.M

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Herbs and spices as a potential antimicrobial agents for food application

Muhammad Saeed, Iqra Yasmin, Muhammad Issa Khan, Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Asim Shabbir and Muhammad Azam

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