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Vol-26 : Issue-2 ( 2016 )

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Effect of Mentha piperita essential oil against Vibrio spp. isolated from local cheeses.

Shayma Thyab Gddoa Al-Sahlany

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Identification and quantification of anabolic steroids in imported frozen beef muscles in sulaimani market using HPLC .

Hazhaow Omar Murad, Faraidoon Abdulstar Muhamad, Ahmed Yaseen Hamadameen

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Evaluation of microbiological quality of raw milk, homemade Ergo and homemade Ayib in North Shoa District, Amhara, Ethiopia.

Jermen Mamo, Bulti Kumera and Mengistu Asmamaw

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Impact of the dehydration process on guava by using of the parabolic trough solar concentrator .

Fahim Ullah*1, Mansoor Khan Khattak, Maazullah Khan, Lubna Hassan and Kamran Hasrat

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Human health risk assessment of Zinc, Copper, Lead and Cadmium in the myonematic tissues of eight fish species sold in major markets in Lagos Metropol

Wangboje, O. M., Ekundayo, O.T and Ijoyah, T.M

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