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Vol-25 : Issue-4 ( 2015 )

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Revelation of antioxidant potential and sensorial attributes of sweet potato based nutritional drink.

Moazzam Rafiq Khan, Muhammad Asim Shabbir, Tariq Mehmood*, Anees Ahmed Khalil, Ahmad Din and Zainab Zara Tariq

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Comparative study of the effect of traditional and commercial packaging on the storability of wheat flour.

Tariq Shahzad Jutt, Zubair Farooq and Mamoona Ashiq Jutt

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Identification of synthetic food dyes in beverages by thin layer chromatography Pages:178-181

Naseem Zahra, Alim-un-Nisa, Zahra Fatima, Imran Kalim and Khalid Saeed

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Comparison of fine wheat flour quality produced by wheat flour mills of Lahore.

Mamoona Ashiq Jutt, Zubair Farooq, Tariq Shahzad Jutt and Naureen Naeem

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Utilization of citrus waste as a source of natural antioxidant for shelf stable broiler meat and meat products.

Muneeb Khan, Muhammad Issa Khan, Aysha Sameen, Muhammad Saeed, Ubaid-ur-Rahman and Furukh Faiz

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Phytochemical profiling of curry (Murraya koenijii) leaves and its health benefits.

Syed Muhammad Nouman, Aamir Shehzad, Masood Sadiq Butt, Muhammad Issa Khan and Mahwish Tanveer

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Quality evaluation and preparation of apple and olive fruit blended jam.

Wasif Shah, Arsalan Khan, Alam Zeb, Muhammad Ali Khan, Falak Naz Shah, Noor UL Amin, Muhammad Ayub, Said Wahab, Ali Muhammad and Sher Hassan Khan

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Physicochemical and sensory assessment of apple pomace enriched muffins.

Muhammad Bilal Younas, Allah Rakha, Muhammad Sohail, Summer Rashid and Hassam Ishtiaq

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Nutritional, functional and health promoting attributes of red kidney beans; A review.

Aamir Shehzad, Umer Masood Chander, Mian Kamran Sharif, Allah Rakha, Anam Ansari and Muhammad Zuhair Shuja

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