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Vol-25 : Issue-3 ( 2015 )

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Effect of aqueous and alcoholic plant extracts on inhibition of some types of microbes and causing spoilage of food .

Alaa Jabbar Al-Manhel and Alaa Kareem Niamah

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Potential application of inulin in food industry; A review.

Muhammad Saeed, Iqra Yasmin*, Imran Pasha, Muhammad Atif Randhawa, Muhammad Issa Khan, Muhammad Asim Shabbir and Wahab Ali Khan

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Effect of cellulose based coating on different verities of guava in combination with MgSo4 under controlled storage conditions.

Muhammad Atif Randhawa, Imran Pasha, Shabbir Ahmad, Ammar Ahmad and Tauqeer Ahmad

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Influence of salt and spices on the overall acceptability and preservation of tomato cubes.

Iftikhar Ali, Ihsan Mabood Qazi, Ishfaq Ahmed*, Mati Ullah Khan, Shermat Ullah

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Vitamin and Mineral Evaluation of Mixed Fruit Jam From Blends of Pineapple, Orange and Sourplum.

Usman Ojali Grace, Ameh Ugbedeojo Elijah, Alifa Ojonugwa Nicholas and Ameh Michael Utewnojo.

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Detection of Sudan dyes in different spices.

Alim-Un-Nisa, Naseem Zahra and Farwa Akhlaq

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Minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll contents of fruits, stems and leaves of tomato and garden egg.

Kadiri, M, Ojewumi, A.W and Olawale, S.O

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