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Vol-24 : Issue-4 ( 2014 )

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Quality characteristics of low-fat meat balls as affected by date seed powder, wheat germ and pumpkin flour addition.

Abdalla Saleh Mahdy Ammar, El-Sayed Atia Abd El-Hady and Mohamed Mostafa Abd El-Razik

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The quality of kefir cheese production from different kinds of milk.

M.E., Abd El – Aziz, and Mohamed Samir Darwish

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Use of mixture design for chemical and sensory evaluation of composite flour biscuits.

Irum Raza , Naseem bibi Muhammad Asif Masood, Muhammad Zubair Anwar

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Lactic acid bacteria in sourdough fermentation; a safe approach for food preservation.

Muhammad Saeed, Iqra Yasmin, Muhammad Issa Khan, Imran Pasha, Moazzam Rafiq Khan, Asim Shabbir and Wahab Ali Khan

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Effect of benzoate, sorbate and citric acid on the storage stability of strawberry juice

Shakoor Wisal1, Muhammad Sohail, Manzoor Ahmad Mashwani ,Zafar Hayat khan, Zahid Hussain and Saqib Noor

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Comparative assessment of post-prandial glucose response in healthy and type-2 diabetic individuals fed on various types of leavened bread

Khudiaja Tahir Awan, Muhammad Nasir, Sualeha Riffat and Makhdoom Abdul Jabbar

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Bacteriocins as a natural antimicrobial agent in food preservation: A review.

Muhammad Saeed, Wahab Ali Khan, Muhammad Asim Shabbir, Muhammad Issa Khan, Muhammad Atif Randhawa and Iqra Yasmin

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