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Vol-23 : Issue-4 ( 2013 )

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Phytosterol supplementation improves antioxidant enzymes status and broiler meat quality.

Taha A.A. Naji, Issoufou Amadou, Shabbar Abbas, Rui-Ying Zhao, Yong-Hui Shi and Guo-Wei Le

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Effects of calcium chloride on pH, peroxide value, oil stability index and fatty acid composition of Buffaloe’s and Cow’s butter-based low-fat spreads

Ahmed Mohamed Abdeldaiema, Qingzhe Jina, Ruijie Liua, and Xingguo Wang

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Effect of different levels of pulp concentration on processing of guava drink .

FurukhFaiz, Muhammad Issa Khan, Muhammad Saeed Awan and Ahmad Saeed Khan

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Effect of Thawing on Frozen Meat Quality: A comprehensive Review

Sehar Akhtar, Muhammad Issa Khan and Farrukh Faiz

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Health Benefits and Importance of Utilizing Wheat and Rye.

Sana Afzal, Aamir Shehzad, Muhammad Atif Randhawa, Ali Asghar, Muhammad Shoaib, Muhammad Ahmar Jahangir

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