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Vol-22 : Issue-3 ( 2012 )

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Phytochemical characteristics of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) fruit extracts.

Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Sardar Iqbal Bukhat, Ahmad Hassan El-Ghorab, Muhammad Issa Khan, Muhammad Nadeem, Shahzad Hussain, Muhammad Sajid Arshad

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Cooking and eating characteristics of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)-A review .

Samina Asghar, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Rai Muhammad Amir, Muhammad Asif Khan

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Evaluation of traceability systems in fish supply chains: A case study of Tanzania

John T. Mgonja and Jamal B. Kussaga

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Development and evaluation of fruit flavored soymilk .

Rozina Naz

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Characterization of lupin seed oils extracted from bitter and sweet types .

Mohammed Saleh Alamri

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Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus contamination of marketed Processed Chicken products with special reference to its antibiotics sensitivity collecte

Abdulaziz Yahya Al-Ghamdi

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Yeast, its types and role in fermentation during bread making process-A Review.

Akbar Ali, Aamir Shehzad, Moazzam Rafiq Khan, Muhammad Asim Shabbir, Muhammad Rizwan Amjid

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