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Vol-19 : Issue-1-4 ( 2009 )

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Nutritional evaluation of red palm oil in comparison with other oils Pages 7-11

Taufiq Ahmad, Shaheen Atta, Ihsanullah, Aurang Zeb and *Saeed Ahmad Nagra, Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture ( NIFA ) Pehawar. *Institute of Chemistry University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan.

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Submerged production of alkaline protease by newly isolated Bacillus Sp. Pages 12-16

Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Gulsher, Muhammad nadeem, Quratul Ain Syed and Shahjahan Baig, Food and Biotecnology Research Centre PCSIR, Labs complex Ferozepur Road Lahore, Pakistan.

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Microbial quality of food snacks and drinking water in Islamabad schools and colleges Pages 17-20

Ambreen Akhtar Saddozai and Samina Khalil, Grain Quality Testing Lab, National Agriculture Research Centre ( NARC ), Islamabad.

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Phosphate fertilizers as natural environmental pollutants in the staple food and cancer risk in Pakistan Pages 21-26

Nasim Akhtar*, M. Tufail**, Health Physics Division, NIAB Jhang Road Faisalabad.** Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, P.O. Nilore, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Comparative evaluation of sorbatox and bentonite for detoxification of aflatoxin contaminated layer feed. Pages 27-31

Muhammad Khalid Saeed, Ijaz Ahmad, Sakhawat Ali. M.. ashraf, Khurram Shehzad, Imran-ul-Haq and Munir A. Shaikh* Food and Biotechnology Research Centre, PCSIR Labs Complex, Lahore.*Deptt. of Chemistry, UAF.

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Status of Iodine in different age groups of school children in some selected areas of District Gilgit. Pages 32-35

Shaheen Shah, Azhar Hussain, Fatima bano, Seema Wafee and Frukh Faiz, Deptt. of Food Agriculture and Chemical Technology, Karakurum International University, Northern Areas Gilgit.

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Determination of selected metals in drinking water of water purification plants in Gilgit City. Pages 36-39

Furukh faiz, Shaheen Shah, Azhar Hussain and Asar Ul Haq, Department of Food Agriculture and Chemical Technology, Karakorum International University Northern Areas Gilgit.

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Factors Affecting Whipping Ability of Fresh and State Egg.

Hina Sheikh, Imran Pasha and Abdul Ghaffar Katiya.

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