PJFS Volumes

Vol-16 : Issue-1-4 ( 2006 )

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Comparative investigation, formulation and composition of guava (Psidium guajava L) Slab/leather.

Mohammad Nasir Khan Alizai, pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Labs Complex Peshawar.

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Studies on the fatty acid composition of Kinnow peel and seed oil pages 6-8

Sherin Iqbal, Azra Yasmin, Ghulam Mohuddin Paracha, Food Technology Centre, PCSIR Labs. Complex, Peshawar.

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Nutritive value of some bakery products from selected bakeries in Faisalabad Pages 9-14

Muhammad Shoaib Akhtar*, Nadia Zulfiqar, Nazir Ahmad, Nighat Bhatty and Amanat Ali, Deptt. of Physiology and Pharmacology, Deptt. of Home Economics and Deptt. of Animal Reproduction, UAF, Pakistan.,Department of Food Science and Nutrition, College of Agriculture and marine Sciences Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman.

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Effect of interchanging starch and protein( gluten) fractions of two wheat vareities on the rheological and bread making quality pages 15-23

Faqir Muhammad Anjum. Asif Sultan, Muhammad issa Khan, Imran pasha, Shahzad Hussain, Ali asghar and Moazzam Rafiq Khan, NIFSAT, UAF.

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Quality evaluation of different ice cream brands available in local market Pages 24-28

Nuzhat Huma, Mian Anjum Murtaza, Omer Mukhtar Tarar, Ghulam Mueen ud Din and Shahid Mahmood, NIFSAT UAF.

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Effect of organic feed material on the quality of chicken meat Pages 29-33

S. Ali, S. Usman, M.A. Hussain and W.H. Shah. Food & Biotechnology Research Centre, PCSIR Labs. Complex Lahore.

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Bacteriological analysis of drinking water of hand pumps in different schools of District Peshawar( Pakistan) Pages 34-38

Hamida Abid, Muhammad nasir Alizai, Javed Ali and Musaddiq Ibrahim, Pakistan Council of Scientific and industrial Research laboratories Complex , Peshawar.

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Natural occurrence of mycotoxins in wheat in Pakistan Pages 39-43

Salma Khatoon and Nafeesa Qudsia Hanif, Romer Labs, Rawalpindi.

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Mycotoxin contamination in rice produced in Pakistan Pages 44-47

Nafeesa Qudsia Hanif and Salma Khatoon, Romer Labs, Rawalpindi

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