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Vol-15 : Issue-3-4 ( 2005 )

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Effect of heat treatment and storage on the physico-chemical and microbiogical characteristics of Kinnow pulp.

Ibtesam Hussain, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Imran Pasha, Muhammad Issa Khan and Ali Asghar.

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Effect of different improvers on the rheological properties of selected wheat cultivars.

Bahzad Afzal, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Shahzad Hussain, Muhammad Issa khan and Ali Asghar. UAF.

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Assessment of nutritional value and color in whole grain wheat breads ( brown breads ).

Nusrat Ejaz Alim-un-Nisa, Shamma Firdous and Naheed Abdullah. PCSIR Lab. Complex Lahore.

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Effect of maltogenic amylase on the shelf life of bread.

Ijaz Ahmad, Naveed Ahmad, Tasneem Kausar and Muhammad Ashraf.

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Microbial assessment of different fruit juices vended near roadside Lahore city.

Muhammad Nadeem, Qurat-ul-Ain Syed, Shahjahan Baig and Robina Nelofer, BFRC,PCSIR LABS. Complex LAHORE.

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Shelf stability of dhakki dates as influenced by water activity and head space atmosphere.

Shahzada A Saleem, Ahmad K Baloch, Malik Muhammad Hashim, Ambreen A. Saddozai, m. Niamatullah and Waqar A Baloch.

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Physico-chemical analysis of stored and fresh honeys.

Raheela Chaudhry, Salah-ud-Din and Hina Arif.

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Detection of heavy metals in buffalo milk and dairy products.

Saima Nazir, M. Khalid saeed, Sakhawat Ali, and Rauf Ahmad.

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Studies on the isolation and purification of carotenoids from fruits and vegetables.

Ambreen Saddozai, Tabassum Hameed and Sadia Kousar, GOTL, National Agricultural Research Council, Chak Shehzad, Islamabad.

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Determination of yield and fruit characteristics of various Baltistan dried apricot cultivars.

Muhammad Shahnawaz and Tariq Umar Khan.

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Submerged fermentation of acidic protease by Rhizopus arrhizus PTCC-1

Muhammad Nadeem, Qurat-ul-Ain Syed, Shahjahan Baig and Fouzia Iqbal PCSIR LABS. Complex LAHORE.

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