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Vol-13 : Issue-1-2 ( 2003 )

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Effect of Psyllium husk fiber on the quality of sweetened stirred Yoghurt.

Nuzhat Huma, Asif iqbal, Tahir Zahoor and M.S. Butt.

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Characterization and preservation of streptococcus spp. as yoghurt culture.

Imtiaz Hussain, Tahir Zahoor, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Sajjad-ur-Rahman and Umar Farooq.

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Preparation of carbonated beverage from enzymatically clarified guava juice.

Sherin Iqbal,Azra Yasmin, Surraya Wadood and Wazir Hussain Shah.

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Storage Studies on wild Pakistani sun dried mushrooms.

Sarfraz Hussain, Salim-ur-Rehman, Muhmmad Atif Randhawa.

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Changes during storage in different branded yoghurts.

Zia-ur-Rehman, Quratulain Syed, Nasira Bashir and M.A, Kashmiri.

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Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on the nitrate and nitrite content of vegetables.

Imtiaz Ahmad, Wazir Hussain Shah and Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.

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Changes in punica granatum concentrate during storage at different temperatures.

Qamar Abbas, Ghulam Rasool, Babar Ehsan Bajwa, Abbas A. Wahla and Sohail Yousaf.

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Studies on shelf life of non-cola carbonated beverages.

Raheela Chaudhry, Naheed Abdullah, Aleem-un-Nisa, Akmal Javed and Nusrat Ejaz.

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Quality and grading of wheat produced in District Faisalabad .

Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Shafiq Ahmad. Salim-ur-Rehman. Masood Sadiq Butt and Babar Ehsan Bajwa.

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Sensory and physical evaluation of biscuits supplemented with soy flour.

Nouman R. Siddiqui,, Mehmood-ul-Hassan, Saeeda Raza, Tabassum Hameed and Samina Khalil.

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Effect of carboxy methyl cellulose and Carrageenan gum on the shelf life of bread.

Salim-ur-Rehman and Mudassar Ahmed.

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Antibacterial properties of essential oils from plant materials used in food and culinary preparations.

Shanaz Hamid, Kaniz Rubab, Abdul Basit Jasra and Iftkhar Ahmad.

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Towards Effective Oral Presentations.

Javaid Aziz Awan

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