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Vol-8 : Issue-1-4 ( 1998 )

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Characterization and Storage Stability of Khoya ( Milk Concentrate ) As related to Water Activity.

Ambreen A. Saddozai, Waqar A Baloch*, Saleem A Shahzada**, Malik G .Jilani** and Ahmad K. Baloch

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Suitability of Local Wheat Varieties for Production of Pizza.

Qasim Islam, F.M. Anjum, M.S. Butt and Misfa Hinnai, Department of Food Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

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Heavy Metal Contamination of Sewerage, Canal and Drinking Waters.

Ihsanullah, Abdus Sattar and Tariq N. Khattak. Nuclear Institute for food and Agriculture, Tarnab Peshawar, Pakistan.

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Effect of Commercial Sanitizers on Broiler Meat.

Sultan Shakoor Choudhry, Hamid ahmad, Razia Rafiq Siddiqui and Aleem-ur-Rashid Farooqi*, P.C.S.I.R. Laboratories Complex, Lahore-56400, *College of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Sciences, Lahore.

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Effect of Storage Conditions on the Viscosity and Mineral Contents of Tomato Concentrate.

M. Naeem Safdar, M. Asrar Kayani, Zia-ur-Rehman* and W. H. Shah*, Deptt. of Food Technology, University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi. *PCSIR LaboratoriesComplex, Ferozepur Road , Lahore.

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Chemical and Sensory Evaluation of Strawberry Cultivars Grown Under Plastic Green House.

Falak Naz, Nasir Khan and Fazli Karim Khan, Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab,Peshawar, Pakistan

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Heavy Metal Contamination of Vegetable Grown on Sewage and Irrigated Water.

Shaheen Atta, Taufiq Ahmad, Abdus Sattar and Shamsuz-Zuha.

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Reduction in Post Harvest Losses of Wheat in different Containers by Activated Clay and Carbon Dioxide.

Tahira Firdos, Wazir Hussain Shah and F.H. Shah ( Late ),

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EXTENSION ARTICLE: The Market Milk Scenario in Pakistan.

Asma Saeed, Quratulain Syed and S.I. Zafar.

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ISO 9000 in Food Industry-CDL Experience.

Tariq Qamar, Quality Assurance Co-ordinator, Chaudhry Dairies Limited ( CDL) Al-Firdos, 135 Ferozepur Road, Lahore.

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Proceedings of the Eighth All Pakistan Food Science Conference and Annual General Meeting, 1997.

Javaid Aziz Awan

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